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Please support 'The End to End This' Action
Published on July 14, 2020 by XRNI Media & Messaging

‘The End to End This’ action will see us depart from the source of the River Bann on Slieve Muck in the Mourne Mountains and kayak the length of the Bann, Northern Ireland’s longest river as it passes through Lough Neagh and Lough Beg out to the mouth on the North Coast.

The journey includes the upper and lower River Bann as well as the length of Lough Neagh and Lough Beg of which it passes through at a total distance of approximately 100 miles. We expect the action to take between 7-10 days, including set up and pack up time.

The general intention of this action is to raise awareness of the climate and ecological catastrophe that is unfolding. The specific intention of this action is to raise awareness of the ecological collapse within Northern Ireland and push that ecocide (the killing of nature) is recognised in law.

Please help us to raise enough funds to cover our equipment hire, training, and insurance as well as food and provisions for the team for the journey.