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Rise Up For Life

Monday, August 17, 2020, 10:00 AM - Tuesday, August 25, 2020, 5:00 PM (UTC+01:00)



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On August 18th Join Extinction Rebellion Northern Ireland and the Save Heaney Country as we rise up for life in Northern Ireland. Along the way we hope to highlight the destruction of precious, protected and life saving habitats as the construction of sections of the A6 are rushed through. We also want to highlight the destruction of our rivers by slurry, quarrying and potentially gold mining. There is also the unsustainable fisinging of eels, dolaghan and salmon, contributing to the collapse and eradication of these species. We want all such projects to consider the legacy we leave to our children and our grandchildren’s grandchildren.

‘The End to End This’ action will see us depart from the source of the River Bann on Slieve Muck in the Mourne Mountains and kayak the length of the Bann, Northern Ireland’s longest river as it passes through Lough Neagh and Lough Beg out to the mouth on the North Coast.

The journey includes the upper and lower River Bann as well as the length of Lough Neagh and Lough Beg of which it passes through at a total distance of approximately 100 miles. We expect the action to take between 7-10 days, including set up and pack up time.


We invite everyone to join us on the River Bann kayak, whether this be for part or the whole of the route, for some this will be in the form of a relay.

The general intention of this action is to raise awareness of the climate and ecological catastrophe that is unfolding. The specific intention of this action is to raise awareness of the ecological collapse within Northern Ireland and push that ecocide (the killing of nature) is recognised in law.

This action aims to raise awareness of the #EcocideInHeaneyCountry campaign, bringing together each of the communities along the tributaries that feed into Lough Beg and beyond. Lough Beg wetland is being needlessly destroyed for the A6 expansion, affecting not just the local area but the whole of Northern Ireland and beyond. (Please see Save Heaney Country for more information on the campaign ).

Ecocide In Heaney Country Campaign:

The flotilla will be decorated accordingly, wearing the symbols of the incredibly biodiverse Lough Beg wetland. The Whooper Swans, the Bats, the Curlews, Amphibians, Moths, Butterflies and Insects.

We invite those who cannot kayak with us to support in solidarity by walking alongside us where suitable. On Saturday the 22nd August we will have a community gathering at Lough Beg. This will be a family friendly, socially distanced event, where you can meet people and engage in creative action. We also encourage those unable to take part in the journey to join in with the solidarity art action #PaintTheLough. Please see the #EcocideInHeaneyCountry campaign here for more details.

As we undertake this journey, we will be connecting with local communities and along the way we welcome collaboration with all those groups and activists who care for the environment.

Spread the word, help make banners, meet us along the way, join in!

We are fighting to reroute the new A6 road that is currently being built across the Lough Beg Floodplain and through priority protected bogland and woodland. This 4 km section of road will continue the demise of protected species in Lough Beg and destroy the very ecosystems that we will rely upon to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.

Lough Beg is an area of enormous environmental and cultural significance. Therefore, in the midst of a climate crisis we must ask ourselves WHY we are allowing the building to go ahead across these floodplains?

Our ask: We call upon the NI Executive to RETHINK the wisdom of this 4km section through Lough Beg, Heaney Country. The Department for Infrastructure has accepted that this route traverses habitat functionally linked to an internationally important wetland, but fails to act. Derry and Belfast Councils have shown leadership by declaring a climate emergency so this summer, we urge all who care about our planet and future generations to speak up.

For more information about why we are standing up to the A6 see the Ecocide In Heaney Country campaign:


If you wish to participate in the River Bann kayaking journey, please fill out this form:

We aim to provide equipment for people, but if you have equipment that you can use or can lend for the duration, please fill out this form:

To get involved in the #PaintTheLough campaign, please see the #EcocideInHeaneyCountry campaign PDF:

For further information on making banners/ messages for the journey, please see the XR action design guide here:


Please see the map for a further breakdown of the route:

DAY 0 Monday 17th August: Preparation
DAY 1 Tuesday 18th August: Set off from the source of the Bann – Ballyroney (11.61 mi)
DAY 2 Wednesday 19th August: Ballyroney- Gilford (17.89 mi)
DAY 3 Thursday 20th August: Gilford- Maghery (18.45)
DAY 4 Friday 21st August: Maghery- Ballyronan (Around Lough Neagh) (19.94 mi)
DAY 5 Saturday 22nd August: Ballyronan- Toome (Filming and Actions day at Toome bypass) (6.52mi)
DAY 6 Sunday 23rd August: Toome- Kilrea (Around Lough Beg) (14.66 mi)
DAY 7 Monday 24th August: Kilrea- Castlerock (End at the opening to the North Coast sea) (21.57 mi)
DAY 8 Tuesday 25th August: Debrief, pack up flags/ tents, return of equipment etc..


As our aim for the action is to raise awareness of the Ecocide in Heaney Country we hope to connect and engage with as much of the local community as possible. For the duration of our journey we will be camping, the group will be respectfully limited to 30 people in line with the current government guidelines surrounding COVID-19, however we wish to keep the group at around 15 people for ease of safety and organisation measures. If anyone in the following areas owns land or a back garden and would be willing to host us for a night’s stay, we would be incredibly grateful so please do get in touch. We are fully equipped, so our only requirement is a patch of grass!

The following places are: Ballyroney, Gilford, Maghery (Lough Neagh), Ballyronan, Toome (Lough Beg) and Kilrea.


If you have experienced any symptoms over the last 14 days, please do not come to this action. Please get in touch, there are other ways to help in solidarity.
As a precaution we will take people’s temperature before they participate in the odyssey
We also ask individuals to accept responsibility for themselves in remaining physically distanced from others to enable a safe environment for those that wish to participate in.

Scheduled events are family friendly, but the journey is long. Please ensure if you wish to take part that you are fit and able, and we will rely on individuals making their own personal decisions on how much they wish.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: We will have a support vehicle following us for the duration, supplying food and hot drinks. A named first aid responder will be available at all times. We will also be holding a mandatory health and safety briefings prior to the journey as well as a little introduction to canoeing and kayaking in Belfast in the weeks before starting.

Please get involved with as little or as much time and energy as you see fit, you can join for as long or as short as suits you, relay your kayak with another rebel, join solo or with other friends. Join for the day/ weekend or catch up with us on our Lough Beg Action, all are welcome!

Love and Rage,

Extinction Rebellion Northern Ireland

#TheEndToEndThis #Ecocide #SaveHeaneyCountry #EcocideInHeaneyCountry #ActNow #TellTheTruth #NorthernIreland #RiverBann #BeyondPolitics #ExtinctionRebellion #ClimateEmergency



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