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Activism is Successful
Published on September 9, 2022 by Catsu

Since January, XR GS regional and local teams in more than 60 countries have staged thousands of non-violent direct actions, to significant success.

Coastal Rebellion campaigns coordinated between Africa and LATAM against Shell Oil resulted in the S. African courts overturning government approvals for seismic testing, a massive win.  Coastal drilling rights were also overturned in Argentina after a major campaign partnering with Ecuador and Norway against Repsol. Wins on this scale are the direct result of activism and protest and are the only way we can achieve a sustainable future for all. In Colombia, where five earth defenders were murdered in 10 days, the people turned around and elected a government committed to environmental action. We rebel for life and it's working!

Women staged "The Wait of the World" protests, marching, singing, dancing and planting their demands for a sustainable future for the next generation. Indonesian rebels are defending what's left of their wilderness while the capital sinks into the ground. In other parts we fought for forests and against coal. We marched for clean water and against plastic pollution. We rebelled against pipelines and stood up for biodiversity. Time is short, but what we do now can still save our planetary future.

XR GS activists come from every walk of life and every age group. We are a rainbow of rebels standing together and demanding justice for all. But we’re working on a shoestring as global funds are spread thin and climate activism receives just 2% of global philanthropic giving.

We need your help now more than ever to maintain and grow this record of success and there are many ways to contribute. You can support us by following our social networks on twitter, Insta, TikTok and Facebook, amplifying the voices of the global rebels. You can download posters from our website to stick in your windows or up on the streets. And you can donate, providing funds for the grants, training, infrastructure and systems supporting this multitude of activists defending our beautiful planet.

No donation is too small and we are humbled at people's continued generosity. For those who can afford more, we ask you to reach deep, no amount of wealth will buy clean air when none is left. No bank account will save the oceans when they hold more plastic than fish. Your largesse today is the only way to truly ensure generational wealth for those you love.  Please sustain XR Global Support, for a future we call breathe in.


Posted on September 10, 2022

Yes XR Global; Support, South groups feel the energy through your support , they started with less or no social media accounts for their local groups. Currently , because of the support which you always give through donations, "your sacrifice is for ever appreciated" ,more local group actions are being exhibited on different social media handles with haunting posts , actions and updates to our subjects as desired hence  widening our XR movement reach here for the cause
"we are in a climate crisis situation".