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xmake v2.5.7 released, Use lockfile to freeze package dependencies and Vala Metal language support
Published on August 30, 2021 by ruki

New features

  • #1534: Support to compile Vala lanuage project
  • #1544: Add utils.bin2c rule to generate header from binary file
  • #1547: Support to run and get output of c/c++ snippets in option
  • #1567: Package "lock file" support to freeze dependencies
  • #1597: Support to compile *.metal files to generate *.metalib and improve xcode.application rule


  • #1540: Better support for compilation of automatically generated code
  • #1578: Improve add_repositories to support relative path better
  • #1582: Improve installation and os.cp to reserve symlink

Bugs fixed

  • #1531: Fix error info when loading targets failed