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xmake v2.5.1 released, Support for Apple Silicon and more powerful package management
Published on February 11, 2021 by ruki

New features

  • #1035: The graphics configuration menu fully supports mouse events, and support scroll bar
  • #1098: Support stdin for os.execv
  • #1079: Add autoupdate plugin rule for vsxmake, add_rules("plugin.vsxmake.autoupdate")
  • Add xmake f --vs_runtime=MT and set_runtimes("MT") to set vs runtime for targets and packages
  • #1032: Support to enum registry keys and values
  • #1026: Support group for vs/vsxmake project
  • #1178: Add add_requireconfs() api to rewrite configs of depend packages
  • #1043: Add luarocks.module rule for luarocks-build-xmake
  • #1190: Support for Apple Silicon (macOS ARM)
  • #1145: Support Qt deploy for Windows, thanks @SirLynix


  • #1072: Fix and improve to parse cl deps
  • Support utf8 for ui modules and xmake f --menu
  • Improve to support zig on macOS
  • #1135: Improve multi-toolchain and multi-platforms for targets
  • #1153: Improve llvm toolchain to support sysroot on macOS
  • #1071: Improve to generate vs/vsxmake project to support for remote packages
  • Improve vs/vsxmake project plugin to support global set_arch() setting
  • #1164: Improve to launch console programs for vsxmake project
  • #1179: Improve llvm toolchain and add isysroot

Bugs fixed

  • #1091: Fix incorrect ordering of inherited library dependencies
  • #1105: Fix c++ language intellisense for vsxmake
  • #1132: Fix TrimEnd bug for vsxmake
  • #1142: Fix git not found when installing packages
  • Fix macos.version bug for macOS Big Sur
  • #1084: Fix add_defines() bug (contain spaces)
  • #1195: Fix unicode problem for vs and improve find_vstudio/os.exec