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Welcome To My Garden is finally live!
Published on June 25, 2020 by Janneke K

Last night Welcome To My Garden went live after weeks of hard work. We put a lot of love into building this new platform and we are so excited for you to discover it and start using it! The new version doesn’t only look prettier; we have also added tons of new features. You can now create an account and communicate safely with your hosts through the chat function. We’ll let you discover the rest! 

We can see the donations are coming in since we were on the VRT Journaal - thank you so much! We will use your donations to keep WTMG alive: WTMG is free to use, but not free to operate. You can look into our expenses on this page; as soon as we need to start paying our bills we will upload our invoices here. This is what we’ll be spending your donations on:

Server related costs:

  • Domain name: €15 per year 
  • Fastmail email accounts: €13 per month
  • Transactional emails: €90 per month
  • Firebase back-end service: €350 per month

Map related costs:

  1. Tile server powered by OpenMapTiles: $20 per month
  2. Geocoding service Mapbox: free up to 100.000 requests

Total estimated technical cost: ~€500 per month

So that’s the price tag for an adventurous summer for all of us - and hopefully many summers to come! Thanks again for joining the ride! 🙏