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Impact Report
Published on April 16, 2021 by Manon Brulard

Hi everyone,

The WTMG team is done hibernating!
We're currently doing a lot of work behind the scene to get ready for the second WTMG season. Before updating you on our plans for this summer, we'd like to share with you the impact we've collectively had since our launch in June 2021.

We knew we were having an impressive impact but we had no idea how tremendous it was!

In less than 10 months, we have had: 
  •    125.383 unique visitors on our website
  •    13.401 slow travellers accounts 
  •    2.255 gardens - including many new ones outside Belgium 
  •    18.342 slow travel requests
These numbers translate into many fantastic stories of individuals, friends and families slow travelling through Belgium, may it be cycling, hiking, kayaking or on a donkey (yes, it happened!). This is the best proof that slow travelling fosters our connection to nature, ourselves and others - and what a huge impact this has on our future.

You can find the full impact report here.

Thanks again to everyone who contributed to Welcome To My Garden!
This was only possible thanks to you 🙏 

See you soon, 
The Welcome To My Garden Team ⛺