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Secret Slow Travel Trips has been archived.

Secret Slow Travel Trips has been archived and is no longer active.

Secret Slow Travel Trips


With WTMG, we want to make it easier to go slow travelling, that's why we're now testing out a new concept around secret slow travel trips.


Thanks to our Slow Travel Mini Festival in June, we had the chance to talk to many WTMG users. It's amazing to see and hear how much users (both slow travellers and hosts) love the philosophy and concept behind the Welcome To My Garden platform.

WTMG facilitates slow travelling. Yet, there’s much more to be done for us as a community if we want to make slow travelling the new normal. For those who want to leave cars and planes behind and are eager to go slow travelling, it’s overwhelming to get started since it takes a lot of time and energy to plan a slow travel trip. As a slow traveller, you need to make many choices concerning your itinerary, POIs, accommodation, equipment, connection with with public transport, ...) before you can get started. That's why we're currently looking into how we as WTMG can make it easier to go slow travelling! Over the month of July, we're going to test out a new concept around secret slow travel trips! We’ll keep you posted on our learnings and next steps on this page.

Want to talk or hear more about it? Feel free to drop us a message at


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