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Open Collective
Nearly 8,000 frontline workers fueled!
Published on May 1, 2020 by Ellen Y Kuwana

As of April 27, we have fed and caffeinated more than 7,700 frontline workers.

I am hearing from my contacts at clinics and hospitals that everyone is quite tired and morale is flagging.

The food is not only a practical solution to lack of places being open near hospitals or within hospitals and clinics, it's also a tangible sign of appreciation that is much needed right now!

We're also providing bottled water, as wearing extra layers of protective gear and breathing through a face mask all day is hot, dehydrating, and tiring.

We are working with more than 40 restaurants and more than 45 sites to provide food and drinks. Many thanks to local restaurants who are donating and discounting food for us. You are essential, and appreciated!

We are feeding grocery store workers, fire fighters, police officers, lab medicine personnel--and of course, people in healthcare settings.

We could not do alll of this work without donations to fund orders of food--so THANK YOU, DONORS!