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Open Collective
8128 Frontline Workers Fed, 42 Restaurants Supported. We need your help to continue supporting these groups.
Published on May 3, 2020 by Signe Burke

With your help, we've fed 8,128 nurses, doctors, virologists, firefighters, policemen, and staff at food banks, women's shelters, and youth homeless shelters to date. We've also supported 42 restaurants around the city, many of which are at risk of going out of business. Thank you again for your generosity. The frontline teams consistently say receiving meals makes their day, boosts morale, means a lot to them. Several restaurants we work with have been able to bring back furloughed staff after working with us to provide meals.

We're hoping to support more restaurants, but need your help to do so. Feeding our frontline workers is expensive so we need your help to afford meals. Frontline teams are getting tired and many are running low on morale. Restaurants were hit with May rent payments, meaning more will soon go out of business.

Help us reach our next goal of feeding 10,000 frontline workers and supporting 50 local restaurants. Getting there will take about $3,000.

Please contribute if you can and/or spread the word to help us recruit more donors. We've tapped our own networks so we need your help to reach more people in the community.

Thank you again for your generosity. You make this community thrive. We got this, Seattle!

Here are a few pictures of restaurants and frontline teams you've helped: