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Google Season of Docs ❤️ Wechaty
Published on May 23, 2021 by Huan LI

What is Google Season of Docs? Season of Docs is an annual program organised by Google. Its goal is to bring technical writers and open source organisations together to foster collaboration and improvement of documentation in the Open Source space. — How to Crack the Google Season of Docs, Edidiong Asikpo, 2020

This year, Wechaty has been recognized by Google and accepted by the Season of Docs (GSoD) program! We are very proud of participating in GSoD’21!

As one of the 30 great open-source organizations, we want to improve our documentation, which definitely needs help from great Technical Writers!

We have started to prepare the GSoD’21 in Feb, our proposal is to Create easy to learn tutorials for beginner users.

Fortunately, we has been accepted by the Google Season of Docs program, and our budget request has been granted as $9,500!

Wechaty Organization has accepted by Google Season of Docs 2021.

Wechaty GSoD’21 technical writers

After the Wechaty GSoD’21 has been announced by Google officially on April 16, we have been contacted by 23 technical writers. It’s amazing that 15 of them have submitted the proposal and almost all proposals are in detail planning with great insights of how to improve the Wechaty docs.

Thanks for the following technical writers from GSoD’21: your proposal is very valuable for the Wechaty community, and we hope we can implement most of them in the following summer months!

All names have been linked to their great proposals:

  1. Abhishek Jaiswal
  2. Ahmed Essam
  3. Anirudh TPVS
  4. Chris Estepa
  5. David Atanda
  6. Jaya Gupta
  7. Mukosa Joseph Mawa
  8. Rohitesh Kumar Jain
  9. Rufai Mustapha
  10. Sajen Sarvajith k
  11. Shraddha Prasad
  12. Shwetal Soni
  13. Simin Liao (廖思閔)
  14. Soumi Bardhan
  15. Souvik Biswas

Budget plan

  1. Wechaty Tutorials: $5k (split to 2 writers)
  2. Reconstruct Wechaty landing page (homepage) with value proposition: $1k
  3. Introduction: $1k
  4. References: $1k
  5. Volunteer stipends: $500
  6. stipends for the writers has not been selected, but has submitted valid proposals or merged PRs: $1k
Total: $9,500

What’re the next steps

Today, we have sent an announcement email to our Wechaty mailing list: Wechaty GSoD’21 Technical Writers Registration Form Opened

We are going to organize a Zoom meeting for discussing how to collaborate together to make Wechaty docs better. Our goal is to make everyone enjoy the Wechaty GSoD’21 by sharing and learning from each other.

  1. May 3: Send out the Google Form to technical writers
  2. May 5: Prepare Zoom Meeting: we will create agenda in meeting notes for all technical writers for adding agendas
  3. May 7: Online Zoom Meeting: the last discussion before the final selection. All technical writers will be invited to join, and everyone is welcome to join
  4. May 9: Announce the selection result of the technical writers for Wechaty GSoD’21

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