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Docker Open Source Program ❤️ Wechaty
Published on August 30, 2021 by Huan LI

In November 2020, Docker announced the launch of a special program to expand our support for Open Source projects that use Docker. The eligible projects that meet the program’s requirements (ie. they must be open source and non-commercial) can request to have their respective OSS namespaces allow listed and see their data-storage and data-egress restrictions lifted.

Tweet: Docker has created a special program for Open Source projects to get continued free access and freedom from restrictions for their communities and their users. (link)

Open Source Project Qualification Criteria

To qualify for the Open Source Program status, all the repos within the Publisher’s Docker namespace must:

  • Be public and non-commercial
  • Meet the Open Source Initiative (OSI) definition (shown here), including definitions for free distribution, source code, derived works, the integrity of source code, licensing, and no tolerance for discrimination
  • Distribute images under OSI approved open source license
  • Produce Docker images used to run applications

Wechaty joined Docker Open Source Program

The Wechaty open-source project is very glad to announce that we have been accepted by the Docker Open Source Program today, as one of the hundreds of non-profit organizations from the four corners of the world in this program, we will be having supported by Docker and none of the following egress restrictions will apply to any Docker users pulling images from our approved OSS namespaces:

  • Unauthenticated users will be restricted to 100 pulls every 6 hours
  • Authenticated free users will be restricted to 200 pulls every 6 hours

Letter from Docker to Wechaty

Welcome to the Docker Open Source Program! We are very excited to have you as a part of our great community. We have allow-listed your namespace “Wechaty” and this should come into effect in the next week or so. With this allowed-listing, the Docker data pull rate policies that went into effect last November, will not apply to the users pulling images from your namespace.

— Aurelien Suarez, Docker Marketing Team.

Through this program, Docker remains committed to providing a platform where the non-commercial open-source developers can continue collaborating, innovating and pushing this industry into new directions.

Thank you, Docker!

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