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Open Collective
$8,500 redistributed in nine months
Published on December 4, 2020 by Jane Yang

When we ramped up our efforts in the spring, we didn’t know how long the pandemic would last. Nine months later, we are still here, investing in our Uptown and Buena Park community. We plan to continue our work because even after COVID-19 vaccines are distributed, the underlying structures that create poverty and food insecurity in our community persist. Thank you for supporting us to continue this work.

At this time, UBPSN has redistributed $8,500 in contributions. With that money, We have:

Made over 825 food deliveries. We used the funds to supplement our donated food supply with grocery and household items to meet religious, dietary, and personal needs. We are proud to do that last-mile delivery for folks who cannot leave their homes (most local food pantries do not deliver)

Supplied neighbors living in houseless encampments with phones, battery packs, a wet vac, and clothing.

Chipped in to help neighbors with expenses including: access to safe housing (travel expenses and one-night hotel stay), vision care, clean water, and a haircut for a job interview.

Provided dozens of transit passes to help neighbors access services and get to appointments.

Redistributed $1,500 funds to mutual aid efforts on the west side, where there is even greater disparity and need.

Made and distributed over 200 masks in collaboration with Edgewater Mutual Aid Network.

Additionally, our members do a lot without money. We also pitch in our time and energy to make a difference in our community, including but not limited to:

  • Helping neighbors sign up for SNAP, unemployment, and stimulus benefits.
  • Connecting neighbors to rental assistance resources and tenant advocacy groups
  • Collecting supplies, packing, and distributing 64 sanitation kits
  • Making check-in calls to elderly neighbors
  • Supplementing food distribution from community gardens
  • Advocating for defunding CPD
  • Connecting community members with technology
  • Hosting workshops on mental health and de-escalation topics