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Tiwaiwaka is a movement, a set of principles for putting Papatūānuku as the first priority. A collective working to restore the mauri of the whenua.


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Tiwaiwaka Hui 22 - 24th Jan 2021, Paparoa Marae, Tauranga Moana

On Jan 22 - 24th the wider whānau of Tiwaiwaka met for our first hui to bring together special people from all across Aotearoa to co-create the future of the Tiwaiwaka movement and how we can collectively contribute to the proliferation of...
Read more
Published on May 12, 2021 by Graedon Parker


What is Tiwaiwaka?

Tiwaiwaka is a movement. A collective of people bringing together gifts and abilities, matauranga (knowledge and wisdom), skills and experience, and networks throughout Aotearoa. 

The Tiwaiwaka (Piwaiwaka/fantail), and the 6 Key Principles are a voice for the Earth, a message of #kotahitanga (unification), hope, survival, and learning to live in harmony with Papatūānuku (The Earth Mother) and her many children as a family, connected  and united so that all may thrive.

Over time, Tiwaiwaka will grow to many groups and individuals, all committed to realising the vision of healing and revitalizing the whenua, each in their own way, regardless of culture, religion, beliefs, and history.

6 Tiwaiwaka Principles

1. Te Whenua, Papatūānuku, is the source of all life. She is the Mother. Ka ora te Whenua, ka ora te tangata. Caring for the whenua is the first priority. Everything else must be measured against this. 

2. We are not the centre of the Universe but we are part of it.
All living creatures are our brothers and sisters, and we are the potiki, the last born. Papatūānuku is our mother. We must care for them. 

3. The mauri is the web of connections that sustains life. 
If any of those connections is weakened or broken the mauri is less able to sustain life. The integrity of the mauri and its web of connections has greater priority than the rights and needs of any individual or species. 

4. Te tangata, people, are not the masters of the mauri; we are part of the mauri and embraced by it. 
Our role is to care for the mauri. In doing so we are cared for by it. We find peace. We are at home. 

5. No individual person is more important than any other.
Each must contribute what they have to offer, and receive what they need to be well. We are most well when we are sustained by the mauri, the web of connections that makes us who we are. 

6. We give special care to the tiniest living creatures. 
Even though they are too small to be seen they are the foundation that keeps and sustains all life. Caring for them is caring for the mauri. This is the source of wellness, of sustainability.


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