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Opportunity alert -> The Barry Amiel and Norman Melburn Trust: Apply for a Reward!
Published on October 17, 2022 by Accountable

 Hi everyone,

We wanted to share this funding opportunity from Barry Amiel and Norman Melburn Trust with you all. Please make sure you read the criteria and guide fully to ensure you're eligible before applying - the opportunity may not be for everyone.

'The Barry Amiel and Norman Melburn Trust welcomes funding applications from individuals or institutions for projects that fall within the funding remit of the Trust. Applications for funding awards are considered twice a year when the trustees meet in January and July. Applications for major funding awards (over £7,350, and up to £15,750) are only considered once a year – at the January meeting.'

'For the funding year 2022-3 the theme is antiracism. The Trust is interested in supporting projects of any kind (conference, workshop, research, exhibition, archive, film etc.) using critical / Marxist approaches to understanding racism and that promotes antiracism. This includes projects which explore and develop theories and practices of antiracism in its national and international dimensions, in the context of critical approaches to society, politics and economics and in relation to the Trust’s core aim: “understanding of the development of modern societies in the light of the intellectual and social movements which have sought and still seek to transform them to non-exploitative and egalitarian societies”.'

The deadline is 20th November 2022 . See here for more information and to apply.

Please direct any questions you may have directly to Barry Amiel and Norman Melburn Trust.


The Social Change Nest Team