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Opportunity alert -> £3 million fund for Black and Global Majority communities resisting racial injustice in the UK.
Published on September 14, 2022 by Accountable

Hi everyone,

We wanted to share this funding opportunity from Baobab with you all. Please make sure you read the criteria and guide fully to ensure you're eligible before applying - the opportunity may not be for everyone.

 'Baobab is pro-Black, with 70% of our resources going direct to Black African/Caribbean heritage individuals, groups and organisations. We are a people-driven movement which believes that the communities harmed by racism are best placed to create change, and so it aims to resource those with direct, lived experience of the issues they are addressing.

Our fund is not issue-led, giving space for communities working towards racial justice in different ways to share their creativity, passion and gifts. Our fund will work consciously with individuals, groups and organisations whose purpose and practices are focused on collectively addressing racial justice and intersectionality and challenging oppressive systems.'

The deadline is Friday 23rd September. See here for more information and to apply.

Please direct any questions you may have directly to Baobab.


The Social Change Nest Team