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The Human Codex – safeguarding humanities Heritage, Culture and Personal history for the future generations, so that they can learn and be inspired from their ancestral roots.


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The Human Codex is a digital time capsule platform that will safeguard humanities Heritage, Culture, and Personal history for the future generations.

Storytelling is one of the oldest practices known to man and is one of the main tools used when developing basic psychology in the history of the world. Just imagine if the entire human race shared their life story with the purpose of guiding and inspire the future generations - what type of world would that help create? We believe that, the recording of each of our lives from our own perspectives of reality will help our children, our children’s children and furthermore learn from our triumphs and our mistakes. By asking people to join this global unifying project, we also hope that it will assist with some of life’s current problems we face: bringing down some of society’s barriers, combating the rise of mental illness/loneliness and helping to raise the overall consciousness of humanity. Everyone can join in this project, every perspective is appreciated, every story has a lesson to teach, and every person has a story to tell.

The winners or wars write the history books, and those with the money control the knowledge shared. The Human Codex will allow all knowledge, history and truth attained by the people to be passed down to each generation without the taint of corruption. In time, The Human Codex will be managed by the people, with them having the deciding vote over some decisions made for the Platform. This system we would be looking to implement in Stage 5 of our development.
Time capsules are traditionally known for storing relevant items by individuals or communities in containers that carry them in to the future. However, we hope to extend this tradition. Rather than waiting deep inside the ground to unfold the image of the past once opened, we will store the Capsules (aka Codex) in a digital format. The practice is connecting two points in time and preserving the zeitgeist of the era so that the descendants of those who participate will have a truly accurate historical record of their ancestors.

Opening a time capsule has always been an exciting event. People are curious to see what is inside the locked and buried container – hoping that, once opened, it will clarify uncertainties and give them a better sense of the past. Technology plays a similar role… or, to be precise, it did before we became so flooded with digital inundation. We have lost touch with the spiritual and uplifting elements of what information is stored. The Human Codex seeks to return this quality to our users by increasing the value of the information contained inside each user’s capsule - asking people to share their life stories, memories, wisdom, heart-aches, and anything else that can help the future generations learn from our experiences.

From genealogy and family history platforms to encyclopaedic sources, the common approach is to create large clusters of data in a library-like fashion. But what of us people that live our own stories and recall our own truths about our adventures? Where can we leave our mark in history?

The Human Codex does build on elements of other journalism and personal/family heritage portals, but our model will be different. Most importantly it will allow users to decide what information to keep and how to put it together into their story, as they lived and experienced it. Passing on their own version of the Truth down throughout the ages. To ensure longevity we will be exploring all viable options.

We respect technology’s data-gathering capabilities while we worry about how government, corporate, and cyber enterprises are seeking to collect details about us to construct an image of us that serves their interests. We would like to use any data given, with consent, to help attain the Sustainable Development Goals in any way we can.

When the platform is ready for public testing, we will be heading to the social care homes, retirement homes, and helping them record their life stories. The outreach program will help combat the growing level of loneliness and help save as much knowledge as we can before it is too late. Those who volunteer and help The Human Codex will earn rewards on the platform which they will be able to “level up” adding gamification to the platform. The more the person adds to their Codex the quicker they rank up to the next level.

The Human Codex will have advertising on the platform, which can be removed by opting to our donation program (£3 will verify and remove advertisements from your account) and in later phases we will implement a freemium model offering extra features for a small donation. Once the entity becomes self-sustaining any excess revenue will then be given to the users to allocate to a project that is working towards one of the SDG’S17. Each user will be given the same % of excess revenue and will then be able to allocate their portion to a project that has been pre-approved. The Human Codex aims to tackle SDG’s 3/ 10 /16 &17 although, as mentioned above, we aim to help with all the SDG’s wherever possible. The platform is currently in private Beta, we are looking to secure funding, find board members, and grow the team for the next phase in The Human Codex project. People have the right to be remembered and a place to share their story. We want to provide that right. In doing so the future generations will be having a pool of knowledge unlike any before.

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