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2022 Plans
Published on April 1, 2022 by Magdalena Jadwiga Härtelová

Based on patterns and priorities set in the past, needs and wishes of the Working Groups (MVH and Course & Workshop Facilitators), the decentralization meeting of the Neutron Star planners, and topics re-occurring in monthly Community of Practice meetings, Cassie and Magda put in writing this plan for 2022.
There is so much that we don't know but some things are clear. By the end 2023 we would like to be decentralized, specifically meaning that Cassie won't have to stand in the middle of the project anymore. We know that we are building: a protocol for interacting, a network of people invested in building and learning about cooperative health, an infrastructure, and an aesthetic shape of interacting, a space for different interpersonal as well as organizing experiences. We know that we are not building an institution. We want to grow Inside-Outside, meaning we look at ourselves to map places for needed transformation, our barriers, wishes, needs, etc. and see how they connect to our already existing networks and to people we would like to be in connection to. We also see a future where the Hologram protocol is an every-day part of people's lives, where it is passed on to kids, where it is one of the supports on which communities in a shared physical location have built lives outside of extractivism and exploitation. We know that our times has always been slow and thorough. We know that we want to practice more than we teach, listen and ask questions more than we talk. 
The 2022 Hologram Money Prediction: Financial Crystal Ball

About this Proposal: This proposal comes after a series of meetings with small and large groups of community members from The Hologram. Below you will find our goals and actions for this year, and the way we would fund them with the budget we have of 80k GBP/95k Euros. The amounts that we have included for fees are based on past experience in this project. We are open to discussion about any part of the prediction.

Proposal Summary: In 2022 The Hologram will expand in new ways at the same time as we make it more stable as an entity. So far we have been supported by arts organisations and funding from the arts sector, so we have worked with people who are inside or adjacent to the arts and academia. In this time, we have formalised the practice we use, and the ways we organise the reproductive labour that keeps the project going. Now that we have a strong community, we are confident in how we work together and how we practice The Hologram, in 2022 we will create more stability for the organisation as we aim to reach a more diverse, intergenerational, multi-access group of people. Because we will continue offering much of the public programming we have developed in the past two years, we will establish an administrative position that can help maintain all the systems we have put into place. With that stability in place, we will also expand our reach by doing outreach and inviting people into the practice who might not find it otherwise.

At the end of 2023, we would like the project to "stand on its own" without the leadership of the founder, Cassie. We would like the people who are using the project and those who are facilitating it to be widespread and diverse in terms of geographic location, class, identity and access to experimental practices. One way we will do this is by developing tools that make it easier for more people to facilitate workshops and courses for their communities. We have already begun this process but in 2022 we would like to develop a toolkit that specifically supports more people to facilitate courses in their communities.

2022 GOALS:
  1. Teach two online courses for 30 people each that reach new publics
    1. These will pair elder facilitators with new facilitators and trainees, growing our team
    2. These courses will be online and free to attend
    3. These courses will aim to reach people outside our artworld bubble
    4. Expand the reach of our courses by focusing on themes that relate to specific groups of people (ie. for people living with Chronic Illness) based on the direct experience of our facilitators
    5. With an emphasis on learning from our own practice, we invite our facilitators to focus on themes that affect them and their ability to give and receive support in The Hologram
  2. Maintain and grow our free public programming
    1. Continue to offer a monthly open public discussion (Community of Practice) about The Hologram practice
    2. Begin to hold a quarterly public practice session (Practice Portal)
    3. Continue to offer a free online trial (Minimum Viable Hologram) of The Hologram with a facilitator for anyone, attended to by our team of 12 facilitators
  3. Create a paid administrative position and hire 1-2 people to fill it
    1. This person/people will maintain the working groups who already sustain the free programming
    2. This person/people will act as an online organizer in Discord and on Telegram for the two working groups
  4. Hire a curriculum designer 
    1. This person participates in two courses and works with the Course Facilitation Working Group (especially Lita and Cassie) to make a course facilitation kit
    2. This position will produce a tool to make it possible for more people to facilitate a course for their community
  5. Support the growing Hologram community in Berlin 
    1. This is the first long term experimentation with practitioners creating a Hologram community rooted in a geographic location
    2. A small budget for a local organizer and making print materials
  6. Support outreach to and exchange with communities who are practising different models of mutual aid
    1. Hologram practitioners apply for funding and admin support to meet with groups who have liberatory mutual aid practices
    2. The idea is to have exchanges for Hologram practitioners to share the practice, but also learn new skills and practices for mutual aid work

All costs in Euros

The MVHs will be running by the Shadow Bank system, same as last year. This means that after the end of a session, the participants of the MVHs as well as the Facilitator can request or donate money for the two hours they spent together. Since the system has been established in April 2021, it has been used on the regular and has kept the state of the Shadow Bank without any significant gains or profits.
Similarly, we will continue charging institutions with money for requested workshops and keep any money that are not needed by the workshop Facilitators in the shared Open Collective account for when we are asked to hold workshops by collectives without money but with a shared abolitionist, health autonomy, anti-capitalist vision, so our Facilitators conducting these workshops can get paid if they need it.

Course #6: 6 weeks online + prep and followup
  • Cassie Facilitator: 0 (has a stipend)
  • Magda Facilitator: 2500
  • Alex Admin/Trainee: 1500 (more details in Roles below)
Course #7: 6 weeks online + prep and followup
  • Lita Facilitator: 2500
  • Unknown Co-facilitator:2500
  • Alex Admin/baby facilitator: 2000
MVH Admin: (more details in Roles below) half time to ⅔ job (could be shared by 2 people)
  • Unknown: 20-30k
Curriculum Designer: attends 2 courses and develops a tool with Course Fac team
  • Rosten Woo: 5-10k
Berlin Hologram Team: paid part time organiser, possible space rental, plus print and event budget 
  • Multiple people and expenses: 6-12k
Mutual Aid Group Research and Outreach Commissions: propose and perform outreach and exchange with mutual aid groups, decarceration projects, and migrant solidarity work
  • Stipend for members of the Hologram community: 5k
Co-Pilot: (further details below in Roles) for a year of work, 2-3 work days/week
  • Magda: 10k
Steward: (further deatils below in Roles) for a year of work 3-4 days/week
  • Cassie: 20k
Admin fees for Open Collective: 6% of all income, for fiscal sponsorship
  • Open Collective: 6k
Discord and other tech stuff: monthly expenses on hosting and storage 
  •  2k
TOTAL: 96k



  • 21st is the actual beginning of The Hologram year
  • MVH Hiring Committee (appointed by MVH Facilitation Working Group) puts out a call for hiring an MVH Administrix
  • In preparations for 6th Hologram Course, its facilitators Cassie & Magda..
    • Hire Course Admin that will also serve as a Facilitator-in-Training
    • Hire a Curriculum designer to be with two following courses and develop a thorough curriculum so courses can be taught by more people
  • MVH Hiring Committee conducts interviews and hires MVH Administrix
  • weekly get-together of Berlin hologrammers is established
  • Florence starts spring-long effort to
    • offer The Hologram and exchange with Berlin health institutions and organizations
    • search for a portable house to establish physical Berlin "clinic"
  • Course #6 starts April 27th: Cassie & Magda as Facilitators, Alex as Admin, Rosten as Curriculum Designer, for ca. 25 participants (care workers + strategists), online, for free
  • Course #6 happening every Wednesday evening of May
  • MVH Administrix training period
  • Participants of Course #6 onboarded into the large Community of Practice
  • Expected wave of MVHs from Course #6 participants
  • Course #6 research follow-up with CreaTures initiative
  • Workshop co-organize with KNVNT Berlin
  • Workshop in Montreal
  • Workshop in Winnipeg
  • Exhibition in the Museum of Psychology
  • Practice Portal - an event for Familiars and Incomers to practice The Hologram together - happening on the 14th
  • Workshops and work with Berlin health institutions
  • Search for a Berlin "clinic" space continues
  • Wouldn't it be great if the Berlin Hologram clinic opened?
  • Planning for 7th Hologram Course starts, facilitated by Lita and one more facilitator
  • Curriculum designer presents findings from Course#6
  • Berlin Hologram Clinic opened
  • Practice Portal - an event for Familiars and Incomers to practice The Hologram together - happening on the 10th
  • In preparation for Course
  • Start of Cassie's project to develops meetings for mutual aid organizations
  • Research and visits to other places organizing for health autonomy
  • Course #7 happening
  • Onboarding course participants into Coprac and Discord
  • Wave of MVHs from Course #7 participants 
  • Practice Portal - an event for Familiars and Incomers to practice The Hologram together - happening on the 8th

Based on this, there will be several paid roles in The Hologram in 2022.

Steward: In preparation for the year 2022, Cassie, together with Lita, insured The Hologram approximately 80.000 Euros to be able to teach and sustain itself. Out of this budget, she would like to receive 20.000 Euros. This amount is determined by the number of hours per week she spends working on The Hologram, and further encouraged by the fact that in previous years, Cassie hasn’t received any regular money from The Hologram while ensuring others longer-term paid positions.
In the spring of 2022, as a part of the MVH Hiring Committee (together with Stella and Magda), Cassie will hire an MVH Administratix, who will be paid to hold, support, and develop MVHs and their facilitators for the whole coming year. In the spring, Cassie will also teach a “traditional” online, five weeks-long course together with Magda. For this course, they will hire an administrator who will also function as a facilitator-in-training, and a curriculum designer, who will attend the next two courses and develop a teaching tool  to make it possible for more people to teach a Hologram course in their community. As the course participants will be getting onboarded into the larger CoPrac, she will spend the second fourth of the year in North America, teaching workshops (with Stella and Tina), and doing exhibitions. The third fourth of the year will be dedicated to establishing a temporary Hologram clinic in Berlin to experiment with having a physical space and also to connect with other local organisations and individuals invested in health autonomy. She will run this project together with Florence and Magda, as well as other Berlin hologrammers (Louise, Philisha, Julio, Alex, Heni, …). As the seventh course - taught by Lita and Shawn- will be happening, Cassie will spend the winter working on her plan of creating a meeting space for mutual aid organisers. This is part of the slow move of Cassie leaving the centre of the project and becoming yet.
In summary, in 2022, Cassie will still be working as a central supporter and major holder of the project, but her role will be slowly moving from front face (teacher, onboarder) to ensuring infrastructure (through hiring) and influx of interesting stimuli (through her projects).

Co-Pilot: In 2022, Magda will receive a working stipend of 10.000 Euros to continue her support and executive work for The Hologram, plus 2.500 Euros for teaching a course. Coming little over 1.000 Euros per month, this will ensure that they can spend the three working days on the project as she did in 2021.
In the spring of 2022, as a part of the MVH Hiring Committee (with Cassie and Stella), Magda will hire an MVH administrator to support and develop MVHs and their facilitators for the coming year. Also in the spring, they’ll teach a five-week long online course with Cassie. This will be the first full-length course that they will teach which should establish them as a future course facilitator trainer. For this course, they will hire and train an administrator who will also function as a facilitator-in-training. In the summer, they will spend June closing up the course, onboarding its participants onto CoPrac and finishing the training of the MVH administratix and Course trainee. The rest of the summer will be dedicated to establishing a Hologram clinic in Berlin (with Cassie and Florence) to experiment with having a physical space and also to connect with other local organisations and individuals invested in health autonomy. The winter will be dedicated to developing an on-the-ground research project for The Hologram to meet with other mutual aid anarchist organisers.

The MVH Administrix is estimated to be paid 20-30k. The exact amount will be proposed by the selected candidate and negotiated and agreed on by the MVH Facilitators Working Group, depending on need, and also if this job is performed by one person or shared between more. Further, there is a possibility that the Administrix will take on further administrative jobs in The Hologram (website maintenance, CoPrac organizing, Research projects admining) which would mean higher pay. For MVHs, this person will spend approximately two working days a week, plus training, on maintaining, supporting, presenting, and further spreading Minimum Viable Hologram as a form of mutual aid and the Facilitators that offer them. They will also onboard new interested Familiars to become MVH Facilitators, help people book the sessions, present The Hologram in public, and search for opportunities to offer the sessions further. The past years determined that MVHs are an integral part of 1) the process of establishing one's own Hologram, 2) Incomers being able to experiment with the protocol, and 3) Familiars learning more about passing on the Hologram protocol.

It has also been proven that courses require a dedicated, brilliant Course Administrator. This paid position is for 12 weeks - 6 weeks of the course and 6 weeks of prep and follow-up work - two to three intense work days a week. The Administrator is hired by the Course Facilitators to complement and expand the course team. The wish for the Administrator is to learn about course facilitation as well and, if they want, become a Course Facilitator themselves.

This is all we know right now
Magda & Cassie