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Updates on our activities and progress.

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What we did in 2022
Published on February 15, 2023 by Magdalena Jadwiga Härtelová
In November 2022, we held our annual Open House a meeting in which we summarize the work that has been done with/around The Hologram as well as the projects planned for the future. You can watch the recap of the first part of the Open House...
2022 Plans
Published on April 1, 2022 by Magdalena Jadwiga Härtelová
Based on patterns and priorities set in the past, needs and wishes of the Working Groups (MVH and Course & Workshop Facilitators), the decentralization meeting of the Neutron Star planners, and topics re-occurring in monthly Community o...
The Hologram has started over six years ago, slowly germinating as an idea and a protocol. In 2020, it began its more public life and since then it has been growing and morphing as more and more people from couches all over the wor...