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Who are our Contributors?

Naomi Joy Smith

Posted on April 22, 2020

Anyone can be a financial contributor by choosing to make, or pledge, a donation.
Individuals, Organizations & Collectives who contribute code gets listed as a Code Contributor.
Individuals, Organizations & Collectives who provide services will be listed as a Service Contributor.
When you fulfill a bounty (money set aside for specific tasks), or successfully propose to contribute work, you will be listed as a Code or Service Contributor so that you can submit expenses (invoices for completed work).
Core Contributors are members of the Digital Circle who have been active for the last 4 weeks in our Virtual Coworking sessions on Slack, or the last 2 weeks if they have previously contributed to the Digital Circle for a time period of 3 months or more.
It is a choice to become a Full Member if you qualify. If you want to be listed as a Core Contributor, contact Naomi or Philipp.
Full Members of Digital Circle decide on proposals together, based on the sociocratic consent process.

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