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we are a body schooling (4/25 update)
Published on April 25, 2022 by bread loaf

Hi all!

We are so excited by this new chapter in Strawberry Patch Mutual Aid. We are now officially fiscally sponsored by the Open Collective Foundation, which means we have a new platform for our money.

What this means:

  • We are NOT turning into a 401(c)3, although we are using the help of Open Collective Foundation for legal purposes.
  • Our money is no longer controlled/tied to one member’s bank account: we all have control. As we have moved around $50,000, this has become necessary for our future. 
  • How our money is used is now transparent and open.
  • Open Collective, a platform used by many mutual aid groups (including our friends @mutualaidbooks) operates as our bank account and are reliable, unlike the worst case scenario written about in the info sheet.
  • Your donations are tax deductible! Get a better refund when you list us under charitable donations.
For more information about what fiscal sponsorship means, Mutual Aid Disaster Relief has so many resources including "Legal Issues in Mutual Aid Operations: A Preliminary Guide" (much more legal language) & "GUIDE TO OPTIONS FOR HANDLING MONEY IN MUTUAL AID GROUPS" (which is much more understandable to a non-accountant/lawyer).

Much more to come.

Please enjoy this stanza from Donika Kelly's Self-Portrait as a Body, a Sea, edited to align with the fact that we are a collective, learning, growing, shifting, moving.

[We are] a body schooling,
a ball of fish, flashing
and many, in these early days
of feeling, of love.

strawberry patch