Open Collective
Open Collective
3 Months in and going strong!
Published on March 22, 2021 by Simon Oldham

Hi to all our members and donators!

Just a quick message to say a massive thank you to those that have chosen to use our service and to those who have given their time and money to support us.
We could not have done this without any of you!

Now for a bit of news!
We have now been running for 3 months and we have a growing membership every week. One of our aims is to become and remain sustainable via our Membership numbers, so we request that each member shares our information and let your friends and family know about us. It is vitally important we ensure that everyone that needs our support in Southampton knows about us.

Community Chest Grant

We are very proud and happy to announce we were accepted for a Community Chest Grant from Southampton City Council in January, and we now have received the funds. We received £2478, which is amazing. The grant was put forward to help us be sustainable as we setup, buy banners, and to get leaflets and posters printed to share out. This grant will keep us going and allow us to grow. We are sure you will celebrate with us that we were able to receive the grant and give thanks to SCC!

NEW HUB - Shirley/Millbrook
SSAG has been offered a fantastic opportunity to use a space in Millbrook ward (very close to Shirley High Street) for free! The space allows us to open a second hub in the west of the city, where there is a gap in food provision for those who may need support.
We sent out an online survey via our social media, as well asking each of our members who attended the Food Club, all so far have been very positive and in support. Please feedback to us via our social media or email if you'd like to have an input and to ensure you have a say.

Keep it incognito!
Thanks again to all you fantastic Solidarity Members and Donators. However, although we appreciate that many of you may choose not to have your identities known, we respect your choice, we can not therefore contact you directly or register you for future Members meetings when we are able to finally get together. We are committed at SSAG to run on cooperative basis which includes members having a say and voting rights to elect the board and on policy direction, we can not do this if we are unable to link you to your membership. We are happy if you wish to continue with your support knowing we can't contact you then please do so, members can be as involved as much as they would like to be. If you would like to be able vote, while staying Incognito, please direct contact us via our email address which only our Board of Trustees has access to, to confirm your name and details: 

Thanks again for all the support and hope you can grow with us!


Simon Oldham
Chair & Founder of SSAG