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Grant #96984 to Security Ramifications of Open Source Software

Study of Security Ramifications of Open-Source Software and Areas of Targeted Intervention

Grant #96984

Submitted by Isha Suri on September 23, 2022

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Through this research we sought to answer the following key questions:
  • What is the level of awareness among software developers, product managers, and other technical decision-makers of the security ramifications to software applications they build through the pervasive use of open-source software in modern software supply chains? and 
  • Where can systemic interventions to the OSS ecosystem be targeted to collectively improve the security of what has become a globally shared critical resource? 
Our research activities have been synthesized into the following two publications:
  • A technical report/academic paper that details the findings of our vulnerability analysis and identifies and describes ecosystem-wide weaknesses and emerging solutions. This has been written with a view to serve as an evidence base for groups that are working on implementing the solutions and help guide the community towards systemic changes to the tooling and processes that govern the development, deployment, and delivery of OSS components. 
  •  A report on the perceptions of decision-makers towards OSS security. We believe that empirically grounded research, with a clear, concise framing of the implications of vulnerabilities of OSS for cybersecurity compared to how it is viewed in reality can shift its perception from an obvious efficiency measure to a carefully considered resource.
Both the reports have been completed and will be published soon. 


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