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Extra! Extra! SSB Meetup in Svendborg, Denmark this weekend (27/8->29/8)
Published on August 24, 2021 by Alexander Cobleigh

Gorgeous graphics by glyph

This is a non-edition of the SSBC newsletter to spread word of the impending & anticipated meetup Svendsolar, organized by Sami & Zenna of the community (proper newsletter in the works, promise!)

Event Details
The meetup will be held in Svendborg, Denmark the last weekend of August 2021 (i.e. a couple of days from writing). Participation is free and accomodation has been found & provided by friendly butts in the region <3

There will be discussions from & around:
  • Partially replicating ssb messages and feeds
  • The future of Manyverse & Manyverse Desktop
  • hear about Peachcloud, a hardware platform for ssb seeding, from one of its contributors 
  • Moderator a new Tor-compatible forum containing trace elements of scuttleverse genius
  • Cabal and the nascent browser accessible-client & a protocol rewrite
  • a scuttlebutt code jam
  • the local svendborg bicycle coop
  • & more!
Learn more
For more information either: reach out to Sami or Zenna, see the #svendsolar tag on ssb, or get ahold of cblgh (c'est moi!) and you'll be briefed with all the details you need:)

If you act quickly, you can even get a locally-printed commemorative t-shirt with glyph's art! :) 

See the merch post on Scuttlebutt for more information 

Talk to you again soon fellow butts
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