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Scuttlecamp 2 Postponement
Published on March 24, 2020 by glyph

Scuttlecamp 2: becoming-with

[ This post was originally made on Scuttlebutt: %WpCvDVrKhhOjsvBIQutoN8gYePcGNAPyFuQxzlZy7O8=.sha256 ]

Hello Butts near and far, we come bearing news that you may have been expecting: we’ve decided to postpone Scuttlecamp 2 for the time being. The risks are too real for Butts-in-transit and the people of Moinho, and travel may well be impossible for many by that time. As exciting as a mingling of people from all corners of this wonderfully strange planet may be, early summer 2020 is not the time.


But! We will keep the momentum going. So much rich learning has already come out of the planning process, and we can use the extra time to deepen and widen our intentions around gathering in Moinho. And besides, as Luandro reports, Moinho is a laid-back place — what’s waiting a season or two?


We’ll start by having a monthly check-in call, open to all interested butts, to evaluate the situation and continue the conversation. The first one will happen around the next full moon (~4/7). Keep an eye on the #scuttlecamp2 channel on Scuttlebutt for a gathering.

In the meantime, you (you!) can help by doing some thinking:

How can we loop in the new faerie rings that are beginning to form as we speak? How about the hackfest that @dinosaur proposed? @Luandro’s watershed community governance project? And I for one keep coming back to @Zach!'s invocation of holidays in SSB.

All these things (and others!) can converge and illuminate the path toward Scuttlecamp 2. Butts and Butts-to-be and the people of Moinho can continue our becoming-with (to borrow a phrase from Donna Haraway) along the way.

Thank you to everyone who has put in time and care and work so far!