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Weeks 27-28: UnixFS File Adding, Streaming Multipart Handling, and Bors
Published on July 10, 2020 by Mark Henderson

Starting today, we'll be publishing regular* updates about what is going on with Rust IPFS. Please don't hesitate to spread the word about Rust IPFS, and let us know if there's anything we can do to make the user or developer experience better by opening a GitHub issue.

Week 28

This week was focused on maintenance and upgrading our conformance tests by supporting streaming multipart handling. Additionally, we "Arc-ified" IpfsInner, which makes is much easier to pass around in your Rust code.

See the details in any of the issues or pull requests linked below:

Week 27

In addition to the UnixFS Exporting work that we completed previously, now we have UnixFS Importing (aka ipfs add) as well.

Finally, we added the bors tool to our workflow to streamline our approval and merging processes.

Details in the issues and pull requests below:

* While we'd like to publish weekly, we may not be able to for a few reasons. We'll publish as regularly as we are able.