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The Rail to the COP campaign aims to create dialogue between the rail industry, climate activists, youth and policymakers to achieve climate just mobility. This OpenCollective aims to support youth activists to make their way to COP26 in Glasgow.


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Our Project

The Rail to the COP campaign promotes and facilitates the transition towards a sustainable travel future. The campaign facilitates dialogue between the rail industry, climate activists, youth and policymakers. We further encourage and support other sustainable travel initiatives towards Amsterdam, Glasgow and COP26. 

For a just transition to a sustainable travel future, we need to amplify and combine the diverse voices across our participants and collaborators.

Our Vision

Governments and institutions follow the scientific evidence and facilitate a global system change. Restrictive regulations on polluting travel and ambitious carbon goals are implemented and financial instruments and incentives are introduced, leading to a dominantly low-impact sector with fair travel practices that are affordable for all.

Transport companies and service providers pay for the polluting damages
(of the past), fairly distribute their profits among their employees, and ensure that their strategy includes the interests of local communities in popular travel destinations. Additionally, the necessary information for booking and planning sustainable trips is made accessible to the public, driving an increased demand for future-proof travelling.

People choose ways that enable ecosystems to heal, cultures to flourish, and employees of the travel industry to be treated fairly. Based on these new standards, future generations can still have the chance to experience the wonders of nature and our societies. 


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News from Rail to the COP

Updates on our activities and progress.

Rail to the COP Update: 19th September 2021

Dear RTTC Participants and Supporters! As of today, we have received over 600 applications from people to join us on the Climate Train to Glasgow on the 31st of October. These applicants represent a vast range of backgrounds and we are thri...
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Published on September 19, 2021 by Jakob Hartmann