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Platform Cooperatives Germany eG

Platform Coops Germany eG builds the cooperative, digital economy in Germany and beyond.


Focussing on the following four work areas Platform Coops Germany eG builds the cooperative, digital economy in Germany and beyond, as well as advocates for the service offerings from the community and potential partners. 

1) Startup consultancy: Supporting founders and teams to create cooperative and social impact driven business models, designing governance structures that suit the needs of individual communities, guiding through step-by-step founding and registration processes and advising on potential funding mechanisms.

2) Business consultancy: Supporting the product and business development affords, enhancing community building, consulting, facilitating & coaching regarding the setup of governance frameworks, developing pilot projects and match-making with potential best-practices and members of the community.

3) Platform Coops network: Hosting and facilitating calls, community workshops and other online formats to engage entrepreneurs, business leaders, activists, researchers and policy makers around various topics ranging from social entrepreneurship, cooperative economy, blockchain, DLTs to Web3 and more. 

4) Building infrastructure and ecosystems: Participating, moderating and organising of events, developing educational materials, pioneering concepts on cooperative franchise models, remuneration schemes and new pension systems, advocating and accomplishing worker buyouts, as well as supporting petitions. 

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