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Foundation of Life 

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As we know, at the foundational core of Life with find microscopic microorganisms. Without these invisible, highly diverse life forms, our world would not exist. Nature with the benefit of billions of years of evolution have created leadership at each end of this invisible world of microbes.

The beneficial microbes aka probiotics, are the types that consume toxins and chemicals that are harmful to health and create a wide array of life enhancing chemicals. These are also symbiotes that is they live in a healthy symbiosis with others. There is a dynamic and healthy energy exchange between the ecosystem members known as symbiosis. 

The leadership at the other end of the spectrum are the putrefactive microorganisms of which parasites are one form. The putrefactive microbes exist to ensure live continues. They are attracted to and expand when a living system is out of balance, diseased and is ready to be recycled to the basic elements of Life. They do this by feeding on the chemicals that support life and producing lots of chemicals that break down living and diseased tissues. 

The solution to vibrant, thriving life while living in a world that continues to become increasingly toxic is actually easy for anyone to obtain. It does require mimicking Nature. Nature has "habits" eg. patterns that are repeated in order to achieve an objective. By copying a few key habits, health is restored and enhanced until it is thriving. 

These habits are: 
  • Provide the body with the food needed by the beneficial microbes to thrive. These are known as pre-biotics. 


Goal $12,000 USD / mo.


$12,000 USD / mo. goal