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TypeScript Completed, 5.3.0 Release and User Guides
Published on June 20, 2020 by Matt Karl

TypeScript Conversion

It has taken six months during a global pandemic but PixiJS' conversion to TypeScript has finally been completed. There are so many people who helped us achieve this monumental task. Thank you to everyone who pitched in! TypeScript was a project that we set out to do as a major project during v5, and it's so satisfying to see it come together. This change will help make PixiJS more maintainable and easier for developers who can use typings in tools like VSCode for auto-completion.

So what next? There are a few pieces that we are in the process of sorting related to TypeScript conversion before we can say fully wrap. These include: 1) generating package typings, and 2) updating our documentation to use webdoc. Hoping to wrap these bits up in the next few months.

Next Release

We have released 5.3.0. This is one of our meatier releases since it includes all the TypeScript conversion, but also major features like line-join and line-caps for Graphics, generating BitmapFonts on-the-fly, and a new Graphics extras package for drawing some more advanced shapes. We are very proud of this release and hope others will be too.

User Guides

Finally, we've been collaborating with our community member Rob Morris who has generously agreed to help us lead an effort to improve our official documentation. We are setting out to create official user-guides for PixiJS. We've received feedback from users that the API documentation, examples, and community tutorials are fine, but we need to do better at creating easy-to-follow, up-to-date user guides. The focus here will be on providing practical information like getting started as well as information about real-world usage (e.g., best practices, going to production, etc). We are excited about this effort, and will share more details on this project soon. If you have any feedback about guides you'd like to see, please reach out to us on Slack or Twitter.