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Pixa.Pics is a pixel art platform that lets you create stunning artworks with ease.

Whether you want to draw retro-style sprites, pixel-perfect portraits, or colorful landscapes, Pixapics has the tools and features you need but it will be greater with a little bit of support.

You can also convert any image into pixel art with our advanced algorithms that preserve the original colors and details.

Pixapics is free for everyone, thanks to the generous support of our sponsors who share our vision of promoting creativity and open-source systems. We are constantly improving our platform with new technologies such as JavaScript, color manipulation, color quantization, and service worker integration. With Pixapics, you can unleash your inner artist and join a vibrant community of pixel art enthusiasts.

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A. Matias

Great cyber ninjas will be engaged for this pro...


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Forging WEB3.0 some great swords of code for NFTs

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A. Matias

Great cyber ninjas will be engaged for this pro...


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Releasing QuantiMat, this code takes down colors in image by 20x only 88ms...

QuantiMat (15.2kB minified 0 dep, only 3 kB with Gzip) is used for color quanti...
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Published on December 8, 2022 by A. Matias