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Open Collective
The Humans Update
Published on January 22, 2022 by Alysha Jaeger

 Dear Supporters and Friends: 

Thank you for finding our Open Collective page and for being one of the helpers. We want to give a little overview of some of the work we’ve done thus far within our newly established initiative and connect you with the humans we’ve been impacting. 

Peer Humanity currently has eight participants in our Life Internship program. Seven of our participants have children, and one is a single adult aging out of the foster care system. Several have experienced homelessness (or are still experiencing it), several were in foster care as a child, have experienced abuse, neglect, and sexual assault, have been incarcerated, have current or past involvement with CPS, and have been impacted by addiction. All have experienced trauma in their lives.

One of our participants overcame homelessness and has gained housing since joining our Life Internship Program, and we have several others we are supporting through the process of gaining housing, along with working to prevent homelessness for several participants at risk. We have helped individuals process through trauma, work towards safety in their relationships, and connected them with legal resources, medical resources, and mental health resources. We are helping participants gain coping skills and boundaries, build healthy support systems, and create budgets and resumes. Our participants have also been gaining job skills through their work done for Be Soul Good, our parent organization. Our unique program model, with a balance of Stability, Self-Development, and Skills, pays these individuals for work done in all three categories. 

Along with our Life Internship Program, Peer Humanity provides support and services to those in surrounding communities. We have provided guidance in gaining housing resources, helped a local man who was stolen from, and provided transportation to a man who was outside in the cold a few days ago and just needed a ride to get somewhere safe and warm. 

We believe our hands-on approach can help many humans who fall through the cracks in society. We are seeing hope being instilled in our participants and are hearing them call us family. 

We want to continue to do the work we’re doing and would love for you to help us spread the word!

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Thank you for your generosity and support. 

- The Peer Humanity Team