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October 10th Update (Feedback)
Published on October 10, 2022 by Rudy Fraser

Hello Community,

Just a few quick updates I'd like to call attention to on this Monday.
@Mirielle shared a note in her recent request saying that she's "Glad to be a part of this movement." I love that. And I love the analogy of building technology to building a movement.

But no movement moves without the feedback and support of community.
I would greatly appreciate if you could take 5-10 mins. to provide some feedback about Papertree ( Your voice guides where this goes next and whether Papertree continues or not.

The second thing is a new update I rolled out last week that you may have seen. You're now able to click on your profile image from the "Use Funds" page to see how much you've contributed and how much you've used. I'd love your thoughts on this page as well.

Lastly, the current balance is at $41.17 and there are $449.93 in pending expenses so I've temporarily disabled expense submissions. If you're unable to contribute right now, please consider sharing the contribution link with your network:
Wishing you all the best and looking forward to reading your feedback!


Rudy Fraser

Posted on October 11, 2022

Thank you @Esmeralda Roldan for your recent contribution!

Esmeralda was one of the first Papertree users and is now one of the first folks to both contribute and use funds! By both contributing and using funds, It helps show that a community can really help sustain itself and each other without outside help!!

I'm still seeking feedback about Papertree and trying to understand how it can be improved! Please take a few mins. this week to share your thoughts here:

Thank you!