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Princeps Polycap

Posted on November 16, 2022

Essentially since y’all are new here I’d like to see what you understand about what we do. I’m a mere writer and my role is to translate the will of Poly186 correctly and pass it on to like-minded people like you. Help me answer the questions below to see if I’m making sense and not sounding like a blabbering fool lol 

What do you think Poly186 is?
What problem are we solving?
What is our solution?

I can say that Poly186 is indeed a problem solver. 

Now lets analyze:
1. Considering the booming population of the world, human needs are growing proportionately.
2. These growing needs are as well unique i.e. they vary and are often region (location) specific.
3. There is also the need to come up with satisfying solutions to these needs.
4. The solutions provided should be timely.
5. Emphasis must be channeled towards meeting both producers and consumers demands. Thus feedback is  needed.

Going by what i have read about Poly186, it makes sense to assert that technology (Blockchain, ICT etc.) are the tools deployed to meet these needs. Thanks to the entire team working tirelessly in order to solve these problems.

Princeps Response: 
Thanks for the good summary and analysis, this is good for discourse. See what we want to do is make it easy for people closes to the problem to identify their problems and craft solutions in the shortest time possible. A hyper-realistic digital world in which we can not only model the future but also simulate the technologies that will get us there. This also us to refine our solutions before spending immerse capital on failing projects in the real world, like the numerous mega-projects failing to build islands, new cities, new rails and other infrastructure

Also I think a virtual simulation that has a high level of efficacy can help investors really see and interact with the solutions that they are investing in. Don’t take my word for it, here is a model you can interact with and have your 3rd party experts audit it. This means that there is more trust between the people building things and the people financing the things to be built

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