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Third-Thursday Community Call starting soon: New agenda items and funding resources
Published on October 20, 2022 by Richard Littauer

Hey all,

Looking forward to chatting with you at the community call, starting in 30 minutes.

In the past few days, some other items were suggested to me to add to the agenda, which now includes:

- A reminder that OSC can offer employment to collectives;
- How we can best help admins share sensitive conversations and tips with each other; for instance, where can admins talk to each other about approaches to dealing with inflation?
- The new financial tags visualization feature for collectives, and how to best use it;
- New funding resources (see below)
- Any asks, needs, or wants from OSC collectives. Bring your thoughts!

Here are the links I want to share about new funding resources to look into. If you have more, bring them to the call!

- The Digital Infrastructure Incubator is looking for projects for their next cohort. The Digital Infrastructure Incubator (DII) is a capacity-building program for digital public infrastructure project leaders. It works to advance the sustainability of open source technologies by offering resources and support to open technologists. This program collaborates with open workers to prioritize governance, community engagement, and other aspects of their project’s social and cultural infrastructure as central features of the technology they are building. Take a look!
- Birthday Research (collective) is looking to fund open source web3 projects on DeFiChain. They’d be keen to hear from maintainers of projects that have wide usage and where their funds could make the most impact. They’ll be at the next community call to introduce their fund, although to stay focused we won’t have active pitches on the call. Maintainers and collective admins, the act of talking about your project with potential funders is a helpful part of building sustainability into your project - check out this guide on our docs for more on how to do this!

See you soon,