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OSC is hiring for the following role: Operations Coordinator
Published on February 1, 2023 by Lauren Gardner

Open Source Collective (OSC) is opening a new operational position to meet increasing demand and growth. 

This is a full-time, fully remote position with benefits including health insurance and a flexible schedule. Candidates must be located within a 4-hour range from the EST timezone. The pay scale for this role will be $60k ~ $80k/yr + benefits. Salary is contingent on experience.

We are looking for a candidate with operational and support skills who are excited about our mission & values and strategy. The ideal candidate is community-oriented, has experience working within Open Source projects or working openly, and is familiar with nonprofit administration. The duties of this role are to support our Collectives to get the most out of our services, help manage money coming in and out, and field helpdesk support.

If this sounds like you, follow the link below to learn more about the role and apply or please share this post with potential candidates who you believe would be a good fit.
A little about our application process:
  • No cover letter, instead we will ask direct questions. This makes it easier for you to know what the job entails and for us to learn more about your previous experience.
  • We are being upfront about what the job entails. We encourage you to really read through the ‘Who we’re looking for’ sections on the application so you understand the needs of the role.
  • Please apply by February 17th. The application form will close after this date.
If you have any questions, please contact