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OSC Community Calls – What we talked about in May & where to sign up for next Thursday, June 16th
Published on June 7, 2022 by Richard Littauer

Thank you to everyone who joined our last community call! We're excited about the opportunity that this monthly space can hold for our projects to talk with one another and learn how to best build up their open source projects. For those who were unable to make it, we have a recording up which will remain up until the next call, this June 16th.

Join us for the next event, next Thursday! 

In the last conversation, we:
  • Had a round of introductions to get to know our other project members closer, including introducing Lauren Gardner, Ronen Hirsch, and Richard Littauer as new members of OSC (read this blog post on our team for more);
  • Talked about whether OSC can provide domain names hosting for collectives. The OSC team is actively looking into this, as holding a domain in common will ease up the process for collectives in general. We're checking how this may legally work in the future, and look forward to posting an update on this and adding more information to our Gitbook.
  • Discussed how to refer to a project if it will eventually become a legal entity. For instance, what do people write as their project title in their Terms of Service or their CoC, and so on? Part of this discussion revolved around an understanding that projects change, and how to change these documents if the name changes for a project. Another aspect is trademark usage, and ensuring that there is adequate enforcement of a trademark, and what OSC can do to make this easier. One suggestion brought up was to have a lawyer on retainer for OSC collectives that they could use as a common resource - something we're again looking into.
  • Conversed about managing travel expenses for collectives, particularly those which involve conferences (like OSCA's conference, or Mautic's, or Sustain). We know that some providers, like AmEx, offer services for discount rates. This is a cool idea - collectively, we definitely have some bargaining power - and we'll keep it in mind as something that we could do. For now, it's not the highest on our list. But let us know if this is something that you'd be interested in. 

Of course, if any of this raises any ideas or reminds you of needs you'd like to share, let us know! That helps us at OSC figure out what we should prioritize.

Also: if your Collective has invoiced or worked with another Open Collective this month, let us know! We want to start building a lattice of interconnected collectives working together for great good - learning how this network is growing would be amazing, and allow us to share your work, too. Get in touch.

We also covered the new strategy, Sumana's workshops which are actively being edited and stored in our documentation, our subsidized event offerings, and the Support Ukraine effort.

All in all, it was informative to be able to hear from you and to have you raise and highlight each other's needs here.

We look forward to hosting another similar call next month, on June 16th. I hope you'll join us!

- Richard