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OpenProducer's Community Media Pilot provides indie media and arts orgs with training, mentorship and technical assistance while growing the organizational capacity to sustain over time.

As a longstanding client and partner, we're hoping to help Just Jazz Foundation raise the $500 enrollment fee. Once enrolled, OpenProducer and partners would do the following:
  • Setup an onboarding meeting – At the onboarding meeting we’ll
    • Discuss the existing site to learn about any pending tasks you need taken care of right away
    • Gather use cases from them to cover the critical features
    • Determine additional needs such as hosting, custom development, and design
  • Estimate costs for additional needs
  • Migrate to partner hosting (two months of hosting included in initial cost)
  • Provide platform security updates and maintenance (initial enrollment covers the first two months) 


Will update after enrollment and the initial consult

  • Strategic assessment and planning for Just Jazz Foundation 501(c)(3)
  • Content audit to reveal strengths and weaknesses in your content strategy and content development workflow
  • Social media audit to measure the success of your social strategy across accounts and networks
  • Point to
  • Update/revise website copy to be consistent with Just Jazz Foundation's mission and goals
  • Import upcoming Just Jazz Concert Series events from Eventbrite (if any exist)
  • Add photos, videos, and other archives from previous Just Jazz Concert Series events
  • Create a section for Just Jazz Radio and embed archives from KCRW's "Just Jazz" with LeRoy Downs
  • Create a section for Donations, Sponsorships, Memberships, and other ways to support Just Jazz
  • Set up streaming radio station with Radio Station PRO and AzuraCast
  • Series of in-person and virtual courses, workshops, hackathons, and other training opportunities for staff and volunteers.
  • Quarterly fundraising events
  • Grant writing 
  • Roll out Sponsorship and Membership programs 


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