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OpenProducer work for Sounds and Colors Radio and
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Providing indie media and arts orgs with training, mentorship and technical assistance while grow...

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OpenProducer is a collective of like-minded developers, designers, producers, educators, and innovators who provide media producers and community members access to open tools, knowledge, and opportunities that empower them to create their best work. 

We do this in the following ways

  • Connect individuals and organizations with similar goals and interests to develop, support and sustain open source tools for producing, publishing, broadcasting, and distributing media.
  • Create or extend hands-on training that can be delivered virtually or in local communities via meetups and hackathons. 
  • Provide access to free tools and training enabling individuals to express themselves and groups to advance their mission.

Projects we contribute to

Your support enables us to contribute to the following open source projects:
  • AzuraCast is a self-hosted, all-in-one web radio management suite.
  • Kendraio is a nonprofit interoperability advocacy initiative whose mission is to empower individuals through the benefits that come from increased interoperability and a culture of data-sharing.
  • LibreTime is open broadcast software for scheduling and remote station management.
  • Newspack is an open-source publishing platform built on WordPress for small to medium sized news organizations.
  • Radio Station is a plugin to build and manage a Show Schedule for a radio station or internet broadcaster’s website.

What we need

  • Contributors ranging from project manager, content editor, developer, designer, to multimedia production, event coordinator, business development, and fundraiser. 
  • Collaboration with other projects, organizations, and groups interested in creating open tools and opportunities for producers and creative communities. 

Please join OpenCollective on Slack and find #openproducer if you'd like to converse, collaborate or observe.

Our team

Tony Zeoi

Core Contributor