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:focus-visible in WebKit


Funding the implementation priority for :focus-visible in WebKit


The :focus-visible pseudo-class  is useful to provide a different focus indicator based on the user’s input modality (mouse vs. keyboard) by the same criteria that interactive elements use natively, rather than the simplistic existing :focus class which does not account for the same things.  The inability to work like native controls, in this respect, while adding style leaves users feeling that the experience is disorienting and frequently the choice is made to disable focus indicators styling all together which is markedly worse for many users, but more subtle for a majority.  The :focus-visible pseudo class recently shipped in Chrome and in Firefox.  While it will land in WebKit regardless, at some point, this project is about expediting and guaranteeing early alignment and interoperability.

This project was chosen from among 6 competitors by raising the most pledges dollars.

It's goal is $34,575 (reduced with some matching funds).  Work will be performed as blocks of earmarked funds are available.  Any additional, remaining funds will be made available to future Open Prioritization projects.


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Financial contribution to :focus-visible in WebKit (Donat...

Credit from Radoslav Sharapanov to :focus-visible in WebKit

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Financial contribution to :focus-visible in WebKit (Donat...

Credit from Denys Kniazevych to :focus-visible in WebKit

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