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OBS Studio 24.0 Release Candidate
Published on August 19, 2019 by Ben Torell

We're gearing up for another major release of OBS Studio, which means it's time for another round of testing the release candidate! OBS Studio v24 brings some long-requested features:

  • The ability to pause and resume a recording (NOTE: If your Recording encoder is set to "same as stream", you will not be able to use this function while streaming)
  • Controllable browser source audio - Adjust volume, apply filters, and control monitoring
  • Custom browser panels - Open any web URL and attach it as a panel in the OBS interface (Under Tools > Docks)
  • Dynamic bitrate - OBS can detect if your network conditions degrade, and instead of dropping frames, you can tell OBS to automatically reduce your bitrate until network conditions improve (Under Settings > Advanced > Network)
  • Hardware decoding for media sources fixed - Use your GPU to reduce the processing load of video playback (NOTE: does not apply to WebM files with transparency, this is still being worked on)

Download and full patch notes:

If you have the opportunity to help us test these features and fixes before release, we would be extremely grateful! Please report any issues either on this forum thread or in the #beta-testing channel on our Discord.

Thanks for your support!