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For Those Still Here, HOPE for Suicide Prevention
Published on December 14, 2022 by Jeanne Gore

For Those Still Here, HOPE for Suicide Prevention - Exclusive interview with Jeanne Allen Gore, Coordinator for the National Shattering Silence Coalition, by Kerry Martin, CEO, Accelerating Social Good, and Mental Health Solutionaire and Suicide Prevention Activist, in AwareNow Adaptive Edition just released by Awareness Ties  in partnership with KNEXT TV, ISSSUU and Mixam
Kerry: What is NSSC doing to save and improve lives of those with serious mental illness such as I have, bipolar disorder, as well as schizophrenia and major depression, when we are at the highest risk of suicide and when the healthcare system fails us?
Jeanne: These are treatable illnesses, if only we could gain you access to treatment. I will not rest until we have treatment with dignity and compassion or I stop breathing, whichever happens first.
Tune into their interview to learn more about the steps our 400+ volunteer coalition is taking to keep those who are silently slipping away still here. To give them a reason to stay with us.
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