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Fund the maintenance and review of open source Nix-based deployment technologies


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Support the following initiatives from Nix πŸ’™ Deployments.

Let's support all cloud resources by reusing an library/framework. Terraform resources have seen ...
Earmark funds for any project relating to container-based deployments with Nix
NixOps 2 is shaping up to be a big release, with its new plugin architecture, state storage backe...

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Zhenhao Li

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XLN Audio

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Hercules CI

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XLN Audio

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Hercules CI

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Zhenhao Li


$180 USD

Michael Hueschen


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Chris Hodapp


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News from Nix πŸ’™ Deployments

Updates on our activities and progress.

August '22 update

Hello contributors, Since the last update, we've improved the testing situation for the NixOps core, by adding the first KVM-based test to run as a CI job
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Published on August 5, 2022 by Robert Hensing

First expense

Hi all, Your contributions are working! The first expense has been submitted for work on NixOps 2. Please get in touch if you want to submit expenses; and spread the word to raise funds for Nix deployment tooling! Kind regards, Robert Hensi...
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Published on November 18, 2021 by Robert Hensing

We're live!

Hi all, The collective has been approved and is open for donations. Meanwhile, Hercules CI has donated $500 to kick things off and will be contributing administrative time, to distribute the funds to maintainers. Please share the word so we...
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Published on September 30, 2021 by Robert Hensing


Let’s get the discussion going! This is a space for the community to converse, ask questions, say thank you, and get things done together.

Which projects' maintenance or development would you like to fund?

Published on September 21, 2021 by Robert Hensing

The Nix πŸ’™ Deployment collective is just starting out. Which projects do you think need some extra help?


The goal of "Nix πŸ’™ Deployments" is to let you enjoy Nix at work, by funding the "boring" review and maintenance work of important projects such as NixOps, but other prominent deployment technologies qualify too, including projects that focus on testing or programming language package manager integrations.

Our first project is to speed up the release of NixOps 2, but perhaps Docker-based tech could be next, like Nixpkgs dockerTools, KubeNix or Arion. Or what about RFC 0022, a Minimal NixOS Module List for super fast config evaluation. Join the conversation!

This collective is administrated by Robert Hensing, known from Hercules CI. It goes without saying that funds will not be used for anything Hercules CI-specific. After all the focus is on build and deployment tools, which are independent from CI/CD platforms. The only fee that applies is from OpenSource Collective, which manages the financial side of things, such as taxes.

Funds will be spent primarily on
1. Labor cost of reviews
2. Maintenance such as improving tests, linting, auditing, etc
3. Cloud provisioning costs incurred as part of testing

Contact me if you want to apply for these funds, or if you want to know more before making a donation.

Shoutout to Domen and who was (clearly) a source of inspiration and help!

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