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Open Collective
Hello and thanks from the Nerves project!
Published on May 2, 2021 by Frank Hunleth

It's been a while since we've sent a message through Open Collective. Suffice it to say that we're actively using your donations to the project to buy hardware for contributors, pay for NervesHub for the community use, and for a few other project needs. Thanks to Open Collective, our transactions are all public. You can always contact us, though, if you have comments too.

There are a few updates that we want everyone to know about:

1. Since we don't have in-person conferences coming up, we're mailing holographic Nerves stickers. We will need a mailing address if you're interested. See If you're donating on behalf of a company, please put in the form notes how many people are at your office who might want one.

2. Thanks to Lars Wikman, we have an official Nerves newsletter. Sign up is at

3. Groxio has a Nerves offering at More is planned in the future and it's exciting for us to finally have Nerves community members selling content.

4. So much is in the works this year! Everything from even better LTE support, new hardware support, new books, Nx and Livebooks. I'm better at updating Twitter than here, so hopefully you can follow us there too. The newsletter will contain the highlights on a weekly pace, so you'll definitely want to tune in there. 

Thanks again!!!!
Frank and Justin and Jon and Connor