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Operating Expenses

Adam Recvlohe

Posted on March 5, 2021

When you give to Natives in Tech you are probably wondering where funds go. Our current expenses include:
  • Password management for the board - $95.76/yr (1password)
  • Servers                                                   - $252/yr (Digital Ocean)
  • List-serve management for members - $113.28/yr (Mailchimp)
  • Social media management                   - $90/yr (Buffer)
  • Social media manager                          - $1,800/yr (Shea Vassar)
  • Domains
    •                       - $14.99/yr (netlify)
    •                      - $14.99/yr (google domains)
    •                              - $14.99/yr (google domains)

  • Total: ~$2,396
Our operating expenses equate to roughly $2,400 at this moment. We want to continue to expand our operations and grow our organization and we hope to receive funding in order to do that but I wanted to at least note where things are at now!

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