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Expanding Natives in Tech

Adam Recvlohe

Posted on November 27, 2020

Open Collective is a neat platform that allows for transparency and conversation so going to use that to its fullest potential to share ideas and thoughts we have for growing Native in Tech.

The very first idea we have is the desire to hire a part-time Director of Operations. This person would be a great help in expanding our effort to grow the reach of Natives in Tech. It would also offload a lot of responsibilities that volunteers have currently and allow them to focus on more of the technology that NiT is working to grow and expand.

The duties of the Director of Operations would be:
  • Run social media campaigns
  • Organize NiT Conference 2021
  • Organize bi-quarterly NiT meetups on google meets
  • Organize a week long bootcamp for Native students in 2021
  • Reach out to potential partners and existing partners (i.e. Coding Dojo)
  • Help raise funds through existing channels (i.e. Amazon Smile, Open Collective)
  • Write documentation about NiT operations to help ease on-boarding of future collaborators/employees
  • Write blog posts about Natives in technology
  • Write technical articles from a Native point of view
  • Etc.

We are not exactly sure what kind of salary goes for someone with this role who is part-time. We would venture to guess around $25,000/yr. We are definitely open to feedback on this number though.

What we think this hints at is the need to partner with companies who can help us expand and grow our reach and work. We don't know any companies right now who would be interested but in 2021 we hope to identify a few who could help us reach our goal.

This is just one of the ideas we have to help expand and grow NiT along with many others. We will continue to maintain our effort at this time but we would be excited to expand our reach with hiring someone part-time for this role. Lastly, we thank all of our current donors for helping to sustain our work! Mvto!

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