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Donation Circulation Guide


To provide a layout of the specific donation system for Muffled Sounds artists and supporters


MSR Donation Circulation Guide 2022-2023

Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women - “Our mission is to stop violence against Native women and children by advocating for social change in our communities. “

Warka Water - "Warka Water Inc is a 501(c)(3) registered nonprofit focused on innovative, and truly sustainable solutions, to some of humanity’s most enduring issues".
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An integral part of the muffled sounds records mission is the continuous circulation of donations by supporters to pre-selected organizations that corresponds to the individual artists preference. We ask each artist to research and pick three organizations that are legitimate and capable of receiving donations. These organizations should stand to represent the true value an artist perceives in the world and aims to affiliate themselves in alignment with. 

There are several different ways in which artists and supporters can make contributions to the causes they resonate most with. Signed artists have the liberty of deciding whether they will donate a certain percentage of each payment they receive, or making their own donation payments from proceeds made through this model. Artists can also promote specific organizations to their supporters while supporters have the freedom to choose those specific causes or any other ones listed as a partner within the muffled sounds records donation circulation. 

The overall goal of this model is to create an accessible network charitable causes that makes it more convenient, fun, and normalized to consistently donate and share the flow of currency. Intern, we expect to see a direct correlation between value, material wealth, and mindful intention within the community. 

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