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Eviction threat rescinded!
Published on November 19, 2020 by Benjamin Melançon

The Near North encampment spent a couple worrying couple weeks due to visits from Lieutenant Grant Snyder of the Minneapolis Police Department and Don Ryan of Hennepin County who threatened an eviction to come this week, including mention of Thursday. We finally, tonight, Wednesday, got confirmation from Lt. Snyder that there is not any eviction planned.

Unfortunately, both Snyder and Ryan contracted COVID-19 and may have spread it to residents of the Near North camp. An immediate need is mobile testing for COVID-19 to come to the camp; please contact us on this site or by @ing mlncn on Twitter with any information towards this.

We are still far from everyone in North Minneapolis having a safe, stable, and suitable place to stay, but it is fantastic to have this eviction threat rescinded.

Thank you all for your support.