Open Collective
Open Collective
City threatening violent eviction of the Near North camp TOMORROW
Published on March 17, 2021 by Benjamin Melançon

This is a last-ditch effort to insist the city not use force—violence—to remove people from their homes, the homes you have supported residents building for themselves.

Please call city officials to insist that they acknowledge the simple demands of the Near North Camp:

And if you can, come defend Near North camp tomorrow!

Meet the residents and supporters longtime and brand new.  We will be outside and as socially distanced as possible during what may be a police riot.

Signal text 'hello' to +15164079721 or e-mail for more frequent updates on this situation.

The tinyurl goes to this open collective— specifically, to buy land, a pressing need given the city's determination to act cruelly.

However you can, please make the city of Minneapolis know we refuse violence and scattering to be their response to unhoused people— we know our struggles are bound together, and they will treat us the same the moment we cannot make rent or lose our houses.

Thank you, and we wish we did not have to make this urgent update.