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Your new friend for public transportation - End the problem of a late bus, and save yourself the stress, you don't need it at all. Download Moveit to your phone and change your life by 180 degrees


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Financial Contributions


By subscribing to this monthly tier, you allow us to take one step forward in the progress of our application! Thank you so much for supporting us!

zł 15 PLN / month


Wow! I guess you actually like us and believe in our project! As much as 25 PLN a month? Your funds will allow us to take an even bigger step in th... Read more

zł 25 PLN / month


Well, I don't believe it! If you really want to support us with this threshold, you deserve to be thanked in the app description (Credits) - After ... Read more

zł 50 PLN / month

Articulated Bus

I'm at a loss for words... I just don't know what to say, 75 PLN MONTHLY? THANK YOU VERY MUCH! Contact us and you will receive what you received in... Read more

zł 75 PLN / month

Articulated Trolleybus

I'll say this much - Thick... 100 zloty a month is a lot of money. Buying this perk you will have an impact on the application, you will be able to... Read more

zł 100 PLN / month

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